15.5 Department of Informatics and Media

If you have any questions about enrolment, registration, study certificates, schedule, study leave, exams or any other practical questions about your studies at informatics and media you can contact our student office.

Courses located in Uppsala, contact info@im.uu.se

Courses located in Visby or distance courses, contact studentservicecampusgotland@uadm.uu.se

Director of Studies per subject
(contact details is shown below under the heading Director of Studies)

Jakob Bandelin, Information Systems, Campus Gotland, Visby
Thomas Ejnefjäll, Information Systems, Ekonomikum, Uppsala
Daniel Lövgren, Media and Communication Studies
Henrik Åhman, Human-Computer Interaction

Contact information

Visiting address
Ekonomikum (plan 3), Kyrkogårdsgatan 10,
Postal address
Box 513, 751 20 UPPSALA
018-471 1011018-471 1010
Web page
Head of department
Tomas Eklund 018-471 2876
Deputy head of department
Michal Krzyzanowski 018-471 1025
Assistant head of department
Michal Krzyzanowski 018-471 1025
Therese Monstad 018-471 1018
Director of studies
Jakob Bandelin 0498-108276018-471 8276
Thomas Ejnefjäll 0498-108275018-471 8275
Claes Thorén
Henrik Åhman 018-471 5135
Director of studies third cycle
Owen Eriksson 018-471 1015
Study counsellor
Tina Kekkonen 018-471 1070
Course administration
Klara Runesson 018-471 1011
Sophie Skogehall 018-471 1010
Financial administration
Johanna Feiff 018-471 5346072-9999167
Eva Karlsson
University directory administration
Cecilia Nygren 018-471 6985073-4697329
Human resource administration
Cecilia Nygren 018-471 6985073-4697329

Employees (faculty, staff and other members)