36.1.9 Uppsala University Sustainability Initiatives (UUSI)

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Uppsala University Sustainability Initiatives

UUSI is a five-year effort approved by the Vice-Chancellor to create good conditions for the university's researchers to conduct research that contributes to a sustainable future. The goal of UUSI is for Uppsala University to contribute to a greater extent with new knowledge to the public and professional dialogue on sustainable development. UUSI works to initiate and develop multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research initiatives. This is in cooperation between the disciplinary research domains and with external actors. UUSI also works to make visible and communicate research both within and outside the university.

UUSI currently works with three thematic initiatives. They are climate change leadership, urban sustainability and water. Within these thematic initiatives, research issues and interdisciplinary research groups are being developed. Processes are also under way to seek external grants to drive research forward.

In addition to these thematic initiatives, UUSI also works to create opportunities for researchers within Uppsala University to meet, be inspired and develop self-organising research teams in a broader thematic approach than the three initiatives.

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