36.1 Department of Earth Sciences

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Contact information

Visiting address
Geocentrum, Villavägen 16, 752 36 Uppsala
Postal address
Villavägen 16, 752 36 UPPSALA
018-471 2592
Web page
Head of department
Ian Snowball 018-471 3657
Deputy head of department
Sebastian Willman 018-471 2742
Assistant head of department
Erik Sahlée 018-471 2569
Administrative director
Ann Berner Westerberg 018-471 2532
Director of studies first cycle
Sara Andersson
Ola Eriksson 018-471 83610498-108361
Mikael Höök 018-471 3777
Thomas Kalscheuer 018-471 3819
Rickard Pettersson 018-471 2525
Director of studies third cycle
Lars Holmer 018-471 2761

Head of department: prefekt@geo.uu.se
Study counselling: studievagledare@geo.uu.se
Campus management questions: tekniskservice-ilag@uu.se
Economy questions: ekonomi@geo.uu.se
Staff questions: hr@geo.uu.se

Directors for education at the department:

Bachelor Programme in Earth Science:
Karin Högdahl, karin.hogdahl@geo.uu.se, 018-471 2571

Master Programme in Earth Science:
Abigail Barker, abigail.barker@geo.uu.se, 018-471 2552

Master Programme in Sustainable Development:
Magdalena Kuchler, magdalena.kuchler@geo.uu.se, 018-471 6885

Master Programme in Environmental Engineering:
Roger Herbert, roger.herbert@geo.uu.se, 018-471 2266

Master Programme in Wind Power Project Management:
Liselotte Aldén, liselotte.alden@geo.uu.se, 018-471 8364

Master Programme in Physics - Meteorology:
Erik Sahleé, erik.sahlee@met.uu.se, 018-471 2569

Master Programme in Physics - Geophysics:
Ari Tryggvason, ari.tryggvason@geo.uu.se, 018-471 2388

Master Programme in Water engineering
Ekaterina Sokolova, ekaterina.sokolova@geo.uu.se, 018-471 2524

For Palaeontological and Mineralogical Collections contact The Museum of Evolution.