Noomi Weinryb

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My research is centered on issues of accountability and organizing comparing civil society in a broad sense, and philanthropy specifically, to public administration. I also make cross-national comparisons across welfare regimes. Methodologically I work mainly with qualitative interviews and text analysis of social media interactions. My work is focused on two diverse yet (for me) equally intriguing policy areas; migration policy and higher education policy, focusing on research funding.

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I have a PhD in Organizational Theory, my thesis is a comparative study of the accountability of philanthropists. I hold a M. Sc. in Business (including BA), with a major in Organization from the Stockholm School of Economics. I also have a BA in Theatre Studies from Stockholm University, with a thesis on Aesthetics of Philanthropy. I have extensive international work experience as fundraiser and I have also taught on the topic, coaching civil society initiatives across Europe.

Organizational Institutionalism, Philanthropy, Accountability, Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Civil Society, Nonprofits, Research Funding Policy, Higher Education Policy, Migration Policy, Organizing through Social Media

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Noomi Weinryb
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