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My research interests include historical and comparative Semitic linguistics, especially verbal syntax and syntactic change. I am particularly interested in Northwest Semitic philology and linguistics, and Akkadian syntax. My work on the Semitic languages is founded in textual philology, the comparative method, functional grammar, diachronic typology, and grammaticalization theory.

Akademiska meriter: FD


2016-present Postdoctoral Researcher (Swedish Research Council)

2011-2015 Doctoral Student in Semitic languages, Uppsala university

2012-2013 Research visitor at The University of Texas at Austin

2010 Part-time fixed-term lecturer in Arabic and Hebrew, Uppsala university

2008 Assistant in Semitic languages, Uppsala university


2011-2015 Doctoral Student in Semitic Languages

2009-2010 MA in Semitic languages, Uppsala University

2006-2010 BA in Arabic, Uppsala University

My doctoral dissertation is an investigation into the grammar of negation in over fifteen Semitic languages (supervisor: Bo Isaksson; assistant supervisor: John Huehnergard), including Akkadian, Ugaritic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Ancient South Arabian, Modern South Arabian, and Ethiosemitic. It provides a synchronic description of negative clauses in comparison to their non-negative counterparts, an internal reconstruction of the negative expressions, as well as a comparative synthesis and reconstruction.

I am currently carrying out a 3 years research project entitled The Allative in Semitic, funded by the Swedish Research Council (International Postdoc Grant). The aim of the project is to investigate the function of a number of verb forms in Semitic that end in -a or involve nasalization, including, for example, the ventive in Akkadian, the energic and subjunctive in Arabic, Ugaritic, and Amarna Canaanite, and heh and nun paragogicum in Biblical Hebrew. These forms will be described from the viewpoint of functional grammar, and their historical background in Semitic will be assessed using comparative methods, diachronic typology, and grammaticalization theory. The project is carried out in Cambridge (2016-2017), Chicago (2017-2018), and Uppsala (2018-2019).

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