Alireza Malehmir

Professor vid Institutionen för geovetenskaper, Geofysik

018-471 2335
Geocentrum, Villavägen 16
752 36 Uppsala
Villavägen 16
752 36 UPPSALA

Kort presentation

Research interests:

  • Research Director of Smart Exploration Research Center (funded by SSF for 2024-2029)
  • Practical & theoretical aspects of hardrock seismic imaging: from prototypes to pilot studies: Smart Exploration, SIT4ME, UPPLAND, FUTURE
  • Multicomponent seismic studies for near-surface and CCS applications in noisy environments, over 20 projects in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, South Korea ...
  • Quick-clay landslide investigations and rock-quality studies

Research Director of SSF-funded Smart Exploration Research Center:

Funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and involving 9 partners from Sweden, the center aims to innovate and generate basic science for exploration of critical raw materials.

Professor (since March 2016) and sensior lecturer in applied geophysics:

Geophysics, Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, since October 2012.

Rehabilitation (Docent/associate professor):

Solid Earth Physics, appointed by the Faculty of Science and Technology, Uppsala University in May 2011.

Assistant professor:

November 2008-October 2012.

Post-doc experience:

Post-doctoral fellow at the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), Ottawa-Canada: 3D seismic reflection imaging of VHMS deposits, awarded by GSC and Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), year 2008.

Formal educations:

  • PhD in Geophysics, controlled-source seismology, Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences, Geophysics, Uppsala-Sweden, September 2007.
  • MSc degree in Mining engineering-exploration, Amir Kabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran-Iran, 2002.
  • Bachelor degree in Mining engineering-exploration, Amir Kabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran-Iran, 2000.

Honors & awards:

  • Educational award for the academic year of 2007: by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Foundation, subject to maintenance of a scholastic record and courses of study satisfactory to the SEG Scholarship Committee.
  • Leading Edge Bright Spot mention for articles published in Geophysics (2009, 2012, 2013).
  • Co-author of one of the four best papers of the Near Surface Geoscience 2013 by Krawzcyk et al. Bochum, Germany.
  • Main author of one of the top 30 paper presentations of the SEG Annual Meeting 2013, Houston, USA.

Editorial duties:

  • Editorial board member of: Nature Scientific Reports (2014-present);
  • Guest associate/editor of: Geophysics (2012),
  • Interpretation (2014-2015),
  • Geophysical Prospecting (2014-2015).

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Alireza Malehmir
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