Maria Nordbrandt Bergström

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Postdoctoral researcher working broadly within the fields of political sociology, political theory, political psychology, and public opinion in particular. Current research includes the social basis of climate attitudes, the gap between climate values and individuals' carbon footprint, and the role of nationhood in fueling or attenuating affective polarization.


Nordbrandt, Maria (2022) Modern Talking: On the Democratic Roles of Cross-Cutting Communication in a Polarized World. Ph.D. thesis.

Nordbrandt, Maria (2022) Affective polarization in crosscutting communication networks: offline and onine evidence from Spain. Frontiers in Political Science, Special issue: Affective Polarization in Comparative Perspective, Volume 4, 2022

Nordbrandt, Maria (2021) Affective polarization in the digital age: Testing the direction of the relationship between social media and users' feelings for out-group parties. New Media & Society, published online September 19.

Nordbrandt, Maria (2021) Do cross-cutting discussions enhance pro-environmental attitudes? Testing green deliberative theory in practice. Environmental politics, 30(3): 326-356.
(Runner-up for Best article of the year 2021 in Environmental Politics)

Ph.D. in political Science from Uppsala University, January 2022. Compilation thesis on the democratic values of informal everyday communication across political lines of difference, both offline and online, in the context of climate change and affective polarization.

Head teacher for the bachelor level Methods course with focus on research design, case studies and regression analysis.

Formerly affiliated to the Mistra Geopolitic's research school.

Master's degree in Political Science from Umeå University, 2014. I wrote my master's thesis on the connection between non-parliamentary political participation and post-materialist values.

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Maria Nordbrandt Bergström
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