Zivile Zigaite

Forskare vid Institutionen för organismbiologi, Evolution och utvecklingsbiologi

Evolutionsbiologiskt Centrum EBC Norbyv. 18A
Norbyv. 18A
752 36 UPPSALA

Kort presentation

Vetenskapsrådet Unga Forskare, 2015-2018

My research aims to understand the relationship between physiological and environmental factors mirrored in the chemical composition and structure of teeth. Using stable isotope, trace and minor element compositions in dental biomineral I want to develop reliable proxies to living and extinct animal biology and environment. Currently I am also working on molecular recognition tools, and supervising a PhD project on geochemical archives in trace fossils.

2014: Researcher, Department of Organism Biology, Uppsala University 2012-2013: Marie Curie Fellow, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK 2011: Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Organism Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden 2009-2010: Lecturer, Department of Geology and Mineralogy, Vilnius University 2009: Postdoctoral visiting researcher, Museum nationale d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris 2005-2008: PhD in Biodiversity of Fossil and Modern Ecosystems, University of Lille-1, France.

Kontakta katalogansvarig vid den aktuella organisationen (institution eller motsv.) för att rätta ev. felaktigheter.

Zivile Zigaite
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