Mikael Gidhagen

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Kort presentation

Mikael Gidhagen is a senior lecturer at Uppsala University's Department of Business Studies where he teaches and does research in marketing, with a particular focus on service logic, services and relationship management. Mikael is also the Director of Executive Education at the department.

Akademiska meriter: ED, Excellent lärare

Research Focus

Mikael's primary research interests concern marketing and relationship management from a service logic perspective. His dissertation focused on critical business episodes and their impact on business relationship development in a financial services setting. Mikael’s ongoing research projects consider customer engagement and the changing roles of actors – firms and individuals – in value creation; resuming business, reconfiguring resources and reactivating relationships; and digitalization, the issue of trust, and the use of web-based applications..

He has published in Journal of Strategic Marketing, Managing Service Quality, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Journal of Professional Services Marketing, Journal of Customer Service in Marketing & Management, Nordisk Försäkringstidskrift, and in several book chapters and conference proceedings.

Expert Areas
Mikael’s main areas of expertise are service logic and service management, financial services and business relationship management.

Mikael’s knowledge and expertise have come to use in a number of short-term consultancy services for e.g. Ericsson AB, Ekonomistyrningsverket, Arbetsförmedlingen, The City of Uppsala, Attendo, IPF and Svenska Försäkringsföreningen, most of them being in the format of one-day seminars. Mikael has also held a position as a guest lecturer in marketing at Adelaide University, Australia.

Reviewer Position
Mikael is a regular reviewer of several academic journals and books in marketing.

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Mikael Gidhagen
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