Mats Persson

Professor emer. vid Institutionen för idéhistoria

018-471 5789
Rum EP 6-K1007 Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3P
Box 629
751 26 UPPSALA

Akademiska meriter: FD, docent i idé- och lärdomshistoria

Mats Persson


Adress: Institutionen för idé- och lärdomshistoria, Box 629, 751 26 Uppsala
Telefon: 018-471 79 49
Fax: 018-50 44 22

Research profile

1. Historical thinking

My research interest focuses on a number of historical and theoretical aspects of historical thinking: both philosophy of history and historiography. The overall concern is about understanding the phenomenon of modern historical thinking, especially the conditions for the possibility for this thought orientation. There is an emphasis on conceptual differences compared with earlier and alternative forms of thinking.

Specific areas of research:

- A discussion of similarities and differences between ancient and modern historical thinking.

- Analysis of modern research concerning the rise of modern historical thinking in relation the early German programmatic formulations of modern historical perspectives (late 18th century, Schlözer, Kant, Schiller).

- Nietzsche’s Auseinandersetzung with modern history: Both his early critique and his later radicalization in their contexts.

- Collingwoods attempts to formulate a historical philosophy, and especially a reappraisal of his idea of historical explanation and understanding (“the logic of question and answer”).

- Analysis and discussion of the consequences of radical historical thinking for disciplines like history and philosophy.

2. Ancient philosophy

My research interest focuses on the character of ancient philosophy in relation to modern philosophy. Especially two aspects:

- The ancient idea of philosophy. The focus is here on a critical discussion of Pierre Hadots radical reinterpretation of philosophia in the Ancient world as a way of life.

- Platonic philosophy of Eros. Focus is on the role of Eros in philosophical ascent and philosophical life.

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Mats Persson
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