Peter Sundin

Programdirektör vid International Science Programme (ISP)

018-471 3574
Lägerhyddsvägen 7
752 37 Uppsala
Box 549
751 20 UPPSALA

My scientific background is in Ecology and Environmental Analytical Chemistry. In 1990 I defended my PhD thesis at Lund University, Sweden, in the field of Chemical Ecology. From 1991 to 2001, I was a researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, first at the Department of Horticulture in Alnarp and from 1997 as the head of the Section of Organic Environmental Chemistry at the Department of Environmental Assessment at the Ultuna campus in Uppsala. In 1997, I was promoted to Associate Professor in Environmental Assessment.

In the years 1999 to 2000, I served in the Swedish Government Commission on the Implementation of a New Chemicals Policy. In the years 2002 to 2006, I was a unit head at the Swedish Chemicals Agency, with an intermission in 2005 as head of the Feed Laboratory of the Swedish Veterinary Institute. In 2006, I was employed as Director of the International Programme in the Chemical Sciences ISP, Uppsala University, and in 2007 I became the head of ISP.

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Peter Sundin
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