Einar Iveroth

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Einar Iveroth is a researcher within the fields of: digitalization, organizational change and change management, management control, and strategic pricing and price models.

Akademiska meriter: FD, docent, excellent lärare

Einar Iveroth is Associate Professor (docent) at Uppsala University. He teaches, do research and often makes public lectures within his fields of expertise: a) digititalization and management control b) organizational change och change management, and c) strategic pricing and innovative price models. Einar has published his work in a wide variety of international scholarly journals. His three most recent books are: "Leadership and Digital Change: The Digitalization Paradox" (Routledge), “Effective Organizational Change: Leading through Sensemaking” (Routledge) and Digitalisering & Styrning (Studentlitteratur). Einar is also the Chairman of an advisory board connected to Ekonomistyrningsforum that organize the annual conference "The Controllerday" (Controllerdagen) where leaders from business, public sector and academia discuss the frontiers of management control. Prior to coming to Uppsala Einar worked in both private and public sector with organizational development issues related to working environment, creativity and innovation management. In his spare time, Einar often seeks recreation in the tranquil archipelago doing carpentry, fishing, cooking, and of course ― reading in the hammock. - The best way to contact me is by email: einar.iveroth@fek.uu.se

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Einar Iveroth
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