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My primary research interests lie in the field of neo-Latin literature. In my current project I am studying neo-Latin poetry that was written to justify the Swedish state-building programme between 1550-1650. The project is funded by (1) The Swedish Research Council, (2) the Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University, and (3) The Sweden-America Foundation.

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Nyckelord: art history enlightenment classical studies early modern history renaissance literature humanism reformation


  • 2015: Ph.D. (Latin), Uppsala University.
  • 2010: Licentiate Degree (Latin), Uppsala University.
  • 2002: B.A. (Latin), Stockholm University.


  • 2015- : Postdoctoral researcher at Uppsala University & Visiting research fellow at The University of Calgary (2017-2018).
  • 2012-2016: Researcher at Södertörn University Library, cataloguing of early modern dissertations in the national database LIBRIS (funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond).


  • 2020 Fall: 1) Late Republican Prose, Level A (Uppsala University); 2) Latin Syntax & Stylistics, Level C (translation into Latin) (Uppsala Univ.)
  • 2020 Spring: 1) Latin Syntax, Level B (Uppsala University); 2) Prose literature from the Augustan Period, Level B (Uppsala University)
  • 2019 Fall: 1) Augustan Poetry, Level C: 2) Elementary Latin (Uppsala University)
  • 2018 Fall: 1) Elementary Latin; 2) Late Republican Prose, Level A (Uppsala University)
  • 2016 Fall: Late Republican Prose, Level A (Uppsala University)
  • 2015 Fall: Late Republican Prose, Level A (Uppsala University)
  • 2012 Fall: One class in Medieval Latin, Level C (Uppsala University)
  • 2009 Fall: 1) Series of workshops in elementary linguistics; 2) Elementary Latin (Uppsala University)
  • 2002-2006: TA at different levels, from elementary Latin to Augustan poetry (Stockholm University)


2022-23: Supervision of a master thesis (edition of neo-Latin text, with translation and commentary)

My research interests include Neo-Latin literature, the ideological uses and applications of poetry, the history of the early modern university, early modern dissertations, early modern state-building, the Reformation, the reception of classical antiquity in Sweden, the reception of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Sweden.

In 2018, I was awarded a research grant from The Åke Wiberg Foundation to conduct two concurrent projects. Project one studies antiquarianism in early modern Sweden. Project two explores the reception of the late antique poet Claudian in Northern Europe. Both projects are scheduled from January 2020 through December 2023. Both projects will result in articles and chapters for collective volumes.

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Elena Dahlberg
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