Gisela Bengtsson

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Gisela Bengtsson is a researcher associated with the Department of Philosophy at Uppsala University. Bengtsson is currently working on the project Wittgenstein and the Notion of a Correct Method in Philosophy. Her research interests include questions that concern depiction in art in relation to concepts of 'seeing', and the character of a philosophy. Her post-doc project Frege and the distinction between Science, Literature and Philosophy was financed by the Research Council of Norway.

Nyckelord: mimesis litteratur filosofisk metod frege wittgenstein avbildning i konst logik poesi språkfilosofi

Gisela Bengtsson is a postdoctoral researcher affiliated with the Department of Philosophy at Uppsala University, as well as editor working within the Karlgren-Eistenstadt programme at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study. Bengtsson holds a Dr. Art. from the University of Oslo with a dissertation on Wittgenstein's conception of philosophy. She held a FRI-HUM individual doctoral scholarship from the Research Council of Norway (200-2004) and a FRI-HUM indvidual postdoctoral fellowship from the Research Council of Norway (2010- 2014) to work on the project Frege and the Distinction between Literature, Science and Philosophy at Boston University, Uppsala University and the University of Bergen. Her research interests include Wittgenstein's philosophy, Frege, meta-philosophy, metaphor, philosophy and literature, conceptions of rationality, as well as language acquisition. Bengtsson's current research focuses on the question of what distinguishes a philosphical investigation from other forms of investigations, and the conception of a 'correct method of philosophy' in Wittgenstein's authorship.

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Gisela Bengtsson
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