Seung Woo Kim

Post doc. vid Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen

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Seung Woo Kim is Browaldh Postdoc at the Economic History Department, Uppsala University.
Having read Philosophy and Western History at Korea University, he received PhD in economic
history at the University of Cambridge with a dissertation on the global history of the offshore
market for US dollars, or the Euromarket, in the late twentieth century. His doctoral thesis examines contestations over the re-emergence of global finance in the late twentieth century in the context of contemporary politics of the demise of Bretton Woods, European integration, the Cold War, and the growthmanship in the Global South. It also analyses the changing assumptions regarding the governance of global finance and its relations with national sovereignty. At the Geneva Graduate Institute, as a postdoctoral research fellow, he explored the relations between European international banks and authoritarian regimes in the Global South with case studies of the two Koreas and South Africa. He is working on two projects at Uppsala; how social democrats in the Global North, in collaboration with developing countries, imagined alternative visions of Bretton Woods to facilitate the development of the Global South at UN organizations from the 1960s to the 1980s; and the (re)entry of the communist China in the global financial market at the City of London. His latest research results have been published in Cold War History and International History Review.

Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

- The Eurodollar market

- Neoliberalism

- Interactions between global banks and the developing countries

- Bretton Woods from the view of the Global South

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Seung Woo Kim
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