Didem Gürdür Broo

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I care about the future of the world and nature. I am a computer scientist who works on cyber-physical systems, which can give an idea about how much I love to talk about emerging technologies. I am a change maker, who wants to bring new perspectives on designing the future intelligent machines. I am an analytical thinker with a passion for design thinking, a researcher with a future perspective, an engineer who likes problems more than solutions, and a teacher who likes to play during lectures.

Nyckelord: sustainability data science design thinking future studies transdisciplinary research cyber-physical systems autonomous systems human-centered design systems thinking

Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

Before Uppsala University, I worked at Stanford University as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow on Human-centered and Sustainable Cyber-physical Systems and at the University of Cambridge as a Research Associate in Cyber-physical Systems. I received my PhD in Mechatronics from Royal Institute of Technology.

During last 3 years, I have been granted as IEEE Senior Member due to significant performance and excellence in science. I was selected as the Fellow of the Week by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. I am listed on the 100 Women in AI Ethics and Global Top 100 Innovators in Data & Analytics. I act as a reviewer for more than 17 different scientific journals. And I am the editor for two special issues on sustainability, and human-centered design.

Currently, I am acting as Associate Editor and Topic Editor in three scientific journals. Moreover, I am in the technical committee of several conferences while mentoring young women who are interested in data science, cyber-physical systems, and AI ethics.

You can check my publications from this link: Google Scholar

I enjoy writing and sharing news about my research on my personal website: didemgurdur.com

And i love sharing my adventures and photos on Instagram: didem.gurdur.broo

For more serious stuff check my LinkedIn profile: Didem Gurdur Broo

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Didem Gürdür Broo
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