Chakad Ojani

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Jag är en socialantropolog med en specialisering på relationen mellan infrastruktur och miljö. Mina forskningsintressen kretsar främst kring de socio-politiska processer som infrastrukturer både möjliggör och förhindrar. Jag arbetar för närvarande med ett bokprojekt om dimma som en alternativ vattenresurs i Peru.

Nyckelord: data water urban studies sts ethnography conservation infrastructure atmosphere environment speculation outer space science fiction

Upon completing my B.Sc. (2011-2014) and M.Sc. (2014-2016) at Stockholm University, I went on and did a Ph.D. in social anthropology at the University of Manchester (2017-2021). During this period, I was an affiliated researcher at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (2019) and a visiting Ph.D. student at the University of California, Davis (2020). Before coming to Uppsala University, I spent one year as a postdoctoral researcher at Jagiellonian University (2021-2022) and at present I am also an affiliated researcher at Stockholm University (2022-). From July 2024, I will be a Pro Futura Scientia XVIII Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, the University of Cambridge (CRASSH), and Stockholm University.

I am an anthropologist of infrastructures, environments, and practices of speculation.

Based on twelve months of ethnographic fieldwork on the margins of the city of Lima and other coastal areas in Peru, my doctoral research enquired into engagements with fog as a material possibility, which local actors sought to capture and turn into water for use in infrastructures of fog oasis reforestation and small-scale water supply systems. The study addressed the politics of contemporary environmental and infrastructural relations, with a focus on how fog capture was enmeshed with Peru’s long-standing history of informal urbanisation.

My interest in sociotechnical engagements with the atmospheric and things skyward eventually led me to my second project, an anthropological study of outer space infrastructures and imaginaries in Sweden. In brief, I am curious about the making and reshaping of on/off Earth ecologies through various forms of infrastructural mediation, asking what happens to socio-political and environmental relations when confronted by the extraterrestrial as an infrastructural phenomenon. As part of this project, I also intend to explore the connections between science fiction and anthropological analysis.

Visit my personal website for more information about my work.

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Chakad Ojani
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