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Universitetslektor vid Juridiska institutionen, Professorer, lärare, forskare

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Martin Dawidowicz är universitetslektor i folkrätt vid juridiska fakulteten.

Martins forskningsintressen berör allmän folkrätt inom olika specialområden, särskilt statsansvar för allvarliga överträdelser av folkrätten.

Martin Dawidowicz is an Associate Professor of Public International Law at the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University. He graduated with a Jur.kand from the University of Stockholm before completing the MJur at the University of Oxford (UK) and a PhD at the University of Cambridge (UK), as a Gates Scholar. Prior to his current appointment, he was Lecturer in Public International Law at Uppsala University and the Swedish Defence University. Before that, he was Departmental Lecturer in Public International Law at the University of Oxford (UK) where he taught and examined the undergraduate course in public international law as well as the master's (BCL/MJur) courses in international dispute settlement and international law and armed conflict.

Previously, Martin worked as an associate at LALIVE Avocats in Geneva (Switzerland) where he specialised in public international law and investment treaty arbitration. He has substantial experience of international proceedings, in cases before the International Court of Justice, ICSID and other arbitral institutions. He has also worked in the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs in New York, and taught public international law to career diplomats on the Oxford Foreign Service Programme, among other positions held.

Martin is a generalist public international lawyer with a variety of specialist interests, notably state responsibility for serious breaches of international law. He has published and spoken on various foundational topics of public international law, such as state responsibility, sources of law, treaty interpretation, international dispute settlement, and self-determination of peoples in several leading publications, including the British Yearbook of International Law. As an expert on international sanctions, he was a member of the International Law Association's Study Group on UN Sanctions and International Law. His research has regularly been cited with approval, including by the English High Court in Western Sahara Campaign (UK) v. The Commissioners for HMRC and the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs [2015] EWHC 2898 (Admin); and Advocate General Wathelet in the same preliminary ruling case before the CJEU (Case C-266/16). He is the author of Third-Party Countermeasures in International Law (Cambridge University Press 2017).

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Martin Dawidowicz
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