Marco Tjakra

Doktorand vid Institutionen för farmaci, Molekylär galenisk farmaci

Biomedicinskt Centrum BMC, Husargatan 3
752 37 Uppsala
Box 580
751 23 UPPSALA

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Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

Marco has studied Biomedical Engineering in Chongqing University, China and graduated with Master of Engineering degree in 2020. His previous research involves signalling pathway in the neurovascular unit and hemodynamic force, as well as toxicology. During bachelor study in Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, he was investigating antimicrobial compound from essential oil to combat oral biofilm forming bacteria. He was graduated in 2016 as a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology.

He is always eager to explore and study more regarding different perspectives and aspects of biomedical field, which requires multidisciplinary approach to tackle health problems. Thus leading him into the COLOTAN project.

His project aims to improve the understanding of drug dissolution, diffusion, and absorption from the human colon with a focus on the role of the colonic mucus layer. The obtained results will be used to design drug delivery decision trees for colonic drug delivery as well as improved in silico models for drug absorption from the colon.

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Marco Tjakra
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