Mudhir Shekha

Gästforskare vid Institutionen för medicinsk cellbiologi, Forskargrupp Peter Bergsten

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Current Position

In Sweden : Visiting Researcher in Uppsala University, Department of Medical Cell Biology

In Iraq: My job, as a senior lecturer in Physiological and Hematological sciences (specializing in Physiology) at the Salahaddin University -Erbil-Iraq, can be subdivided into three areas: teaching, administration, and research.


In addition to supervising up to four project students in my lab, I am expected to stand up in front of students and teach for more than 300 hours each year. For Salahaddin University, that is considered to be a light teaching load! I teach for up to 14 hours a week during term-time.

Although these sounds a lot but in fact interacting with students can be fun. I have certainly learnt a lot of Physiology, hematology and endocrinology, and I've been forced to lift my horizons from molecules, cells, tissue and organs to take in the bigger picture. I am a more confident physiologist, and the process has reinforced why I think particular research areas are important.


Everyone has to do it. I have to administer animal house in college of science, University of Salahaddin. Also, I am a member of advance animal physiology laboratory which including many instruments; isolated tissue bath panlab, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure, hematology analyser, flamephotometer….etc

I am director of Tissue culture and cell biology Lab in Salahddin University Research Centre. Also, I direct an NGO organization with name (Kurdistan Organization for Scientific research).

Academic life is about committees, and I am on a few but I prefer to play an active role and influence my peers, rather than moan passively in a corner about how terrible everything is. I sit on the University Animal Council and Care Committee (which approves and monitors animal right) and am part of the Quality Review journal ( Zanco Journal for Applied Science, Journal of Zakho…etc).


Well, this is the real reason that I am here. I have always been interested in science and have been completely selfish in following my particular interests. I blame my dad. He used to encourage us to do research when we were kids, and he exposed me to New Scientist at an early age. I had actually realized my career ambitions when I was let loose 'to play' in a lab during my PhD. There is a lot of satisfaction in an elegant experiment or a fascinating biological process.

I am expected to do research, and am 'measured' by the amount of grant income I generate and the number of papers I publish. I was appointed, in September 2000, as MSc student till now on the basis of my publications and grant income after a doctoral career of nearly four years. During this time I published 38 papers and pulled in 100,000 worth of grant funding.

In the last 5 years, Me and my colleague have established a lab and started a small group (researcher and one MSc student).

Now I am Busy with working new research, scientific writing and supervising three Phd students and one MSc student. Furthermore, one Phd and 2 Msc student have completed their project under my supervision.

Mudhir S. Shekha

Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

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