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Kort presentation

I received my PhD in language education from Stockholm university and is now a postdoctoral researcher at the English Department here in Uppsala. My current project revolves around the use of English picturebooks in primary school English instruction. I also teach Oral and Written Production in the 4-6 teaching program.

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My background

I am a certified teacher of Swedish, English and Spanish for years 4-9 in Swedish compulsory school. After many years in the profession, which I love, I started teaching at the Department of Language Education at Stockholm University in 2009. I have taught mostly pre-service F-3 and 4-6 teachers, but also in-service teachers. I have been engaged in teaching practicum, VFU, and Övningsskoleprojektet, and also taught courses for VFU supervisors.

I received my PhD from Stockholm university in Oct 2020. My compilation thesis explored the perspectives and classroom experiences of primary school learners of English in ten Swedish classrooms, focusing on their language learner beliefs, their sense of agency, and foreign language anxiety.

Areas of interest

My research interests revolve around language teaching pedagogy, both from the perspectives of teachers and learners. I am interested in learning more about how learners’ confidence, language proficiency, approach to learning, will to communicate and thoughts about teaching and learning form and develop in relation to teaching approaches and classroom contexts.

My current research project focuses on the use of picturebooks in the English classroom with young learners.

I really enjoy being involved in teacher education. Helping pre-service teachers grow into confident, well-equipped, reflective teachers and role models for young learners is something I find extremely rewarding. Through my involvement in teacher education, and classroom research, I hope to contribute to further develop age-appropriate pedagogy that helps teacher cater to the needs of young learners and deal with the increasingly mixed ability classrooms.

I would also like to contribute to more collaboration and the strengthening of ties between compulsory school teachers, teacher education and research.


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Maria Nilsson
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