Oscar Verho

Universitetslektor vid Institutionen för läkemedelskemi, Läkemedelsdesign och läkemedelsutveckling

Biomedicinskt Centrum BMC, Husargatan 3
Box 574
751 23 UPPSALA

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Researcher at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry. After finishing my PhD studies in Organic Chemistry in the Bäckvall group, I became interested in applying my knowledge in the Life Science area. I did my postdoc with Prof. Schreiber at Broad Institute, where I worked on projects related to cancer, malaria and neurodegenerative diseases. In my research, I am particularly interested in using C-H functionalizations to enable the synthesis of bioactive compounds.


Nyckelord: organic chemistry c-h activation peptidomimetics libraries drug discovery

Currently, my group focuses on the design of new synthetic methodologies that can be used for the synthesis of biologically active compounds and small molecule libraries. Here, much of our recent research has been centered on 8-aminoquinoline directed C-H functionalization, as it constitutes a very powerful strategy for rapidly building up molecular complexity. My group is also fascinated by new techniques that can enable expedient synthesis and screening of compound libraries for drug discovery applications. Here, we are currently collaborating with the SciLifeLab in the design of different DNA encoded compound libraries.

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Oscar Verho
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