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My PhD project focuses on how digital services can help sustainable consumer decision-making. My aim is to investigate the factors influencing consumers’ information processing, before and after food purchasing and make a digital system for more sustainable consumption. Through a design science approach, a digital service will be created in an iterative process of theoretical studies, inquiry to stakeholders' needs and views, and formative evaluation of the emerging digital service.

Nyckelord: food decision making sustainable development design science behavioural research persuasive technology

Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

I am Tazrin Hassan, coming from Bangladesh. I have completed my Bachelor’s in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and then did my first Master’s in Economics at Independent University, Bangladesh to acquire a diverse knowledge. Later I came to Sweden to do my second Master’s in Sustainability Engineering & Management at Linköping University to broaden my perspective and knowledge in the sustainability area. I realized quite early during my studies that I am interested in Sustainability and its different aspects, and my interest and studies have helped me greatly to gain more knowledge and get more invested and interested in this area. Now the PhD project of Digital Innovation for Sustainable Consumption (DISCO) at Uppsala University Campus Gotland research school is a great direction to go with my interest and existing knowledge and experience.

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Tazrin Hassan
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