Emma Björkvik

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My research focuses on the connection between people and nature in the case of Swedish fisheries. Overall, I'm interested in what sustainability means and how it can be strengthened in relation to both commercial and recreational fisheries and their management.

Nyckelord: qualitative methods sustainability studies fisheries social-ecological systems mixed methods and interdisciplinary research natural resource management environmental sociology

Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

I am an interdisciplinary researcher investigating the social-ecological dynamics of sustainability issues related to fisheries and fisheries management in Sweden.

I am interested in a variety of topics such as the future of small-scale fisheries, cultural values of fish and its potential ecological consequences, integration of fishers’ ecological knowledge in fisheries science and management, gender (in)equality in recreational fisheries, and fisheries co-management. In my work, I often use a mix of methods and take inspiration from multiple disciplines, but my main expertise lies in qualitative methods and I have with time become more and more occupied with the social sciences.

I have a PhD in Sustainability Science, a MSc in Social-ecological Resilience for Sustainable development from Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, and a BSc in Biology from Gothenburg University.

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Emma Björkvik
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