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018-471 2265
Geocentrum, Villavägen 16
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Villavägen 16
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I am a researcher in the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University. As a water and environmental engineer, I am involved in a variety of studies of wastewater treatment, biochar filters for onsite wastewater systems, pharmaceutical pollution in the environment, microplastics analyses and blue-green infrastructures for removal of microplastics. As a teacher, I teach municipal wastewater treatment and a variety of subjects related to water treatment to undergraduate and graduate students.

Nyckelord: wastewater treatment biochar filters pharmaceutical pollution microplastics soil infiltration sewege sludge wastewater recycling

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I am Originally from Jordan, I have lived in Sweden since 2007. Previously, I lived and worked in Jordan and Japan. I have a PhD in Environmental Technology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and I work as a researcher at the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University.

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My main areas of interest are in wastewater treatment and environmental pollution in Sweden and abroad. I do laboratory, pilot and field experiments to investigate these areas and I use quantitative and qualitative methods in my research.

My doctoral study focused on bark and charcoal filters for greywater treatment to produce irrigation water. As a researcher I am heavily involved in development of filter materials using biochar to improve the removal of different types of pollutants from wastewater. I look at biochar capacity in cleaning wastewater using infiltration beds and multi-module compacts filters for onsite systems. In parallel to biochar research, I explore how upstream pollution of wastewater affects the quality of soil and water in the downstream with special focus on micropollutants. In this regard, I try to explore the contribution of wastewater from households, hospitals, hospice, elderly houses and other care-centers to the overall loads of pharmaceuticals in municipal wastewater. In addition, I investigate if, how and why pharmaceuticals might migrate from sludge to soil and groundwater when sewage sludge is used as fertilizer. My research in microplastics focuses on developing a standard method for separation of microplastics from sludge and investigating the retention of microplastics from stormwater using road side green beds of bark or biochar.

I have two laboratories specialized in determination of wastewater quality, screening of pharmaceuticals and identification and quantification microplastic.


I enjoy teaching very much. My best time of my year is when I meet my students and interact with them through teaching or supervision. I care about my students and I feel that they appreciate the effort I put (and the cake I bake) to get them to understand water and wastewater treatment subjects.

At the department of Earth Sciences, I teach or have taught the following:

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment (second cycle)
  • Drinking water treatment (second cycle)
  • Hydrochemistry (second cycle)
  • Självständigt arbete i miljö och vattenteknik (Second cycle)
  • Resources in Wastewater - Technologies and Potential (Third cycle; Water Research School, VA-Kluster Mälardalen

At SLU, I teach in these courses

  • Safe nutrients recycling (second cycle)
  • Small scales wastewater treatment systems, nutrients recycling and sludge management (second cycle)

Contact information

My office is in the Department of Earth Sciences (Geocentrum; Villavägen 16, SE 752 36 Uppsala). My room number is GK313, and the telephone number is 018-471-2265 (or +46-18-471-2265 for international calls). You can find me in my office on Mondays 12-13, but the best way to contact me is by e-mail (

Selected publications

You can find the full list of my peer reviewed articles at Some selected articles are below.

Dalahmeh, S., Thorsen, G. & Jönsson, H. 2022. Open-air storage with and without composting as post-treatment methods to degrade pharmaceutical residues in anaerobically digested sewage sludge. Accepted for publication in Science of the Total Environment.

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Dalahmeh, S.S., Assayed, A., Stenström, Y. 2019. Combined Vertical-Horizontal Flow Biochar Filter for Onsite Wastewater Treatment—Removal of Organic Matter, Nitrogen and Pathogens. Applied Sciences, 9(24).

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