Anastasia Makarova

Universitetslektor i ryska vid Institutionen för moderna språk, Slaviska språk

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I have formal training in theoretical linguistics (with an additional focus on psycholinguistics), as well as Russian linguistics and Russian as a foreign language. While my scholarly interests range widely, from Russian aspect, aktionsart and deictic words to language change, error analysis in spontaneous speech and language acquisition, I am committed to empirical studies, and most of my research is done within the framework of cognitive linguistics.

Akademiska meriter: Docent, FD

In my research, I have used different types of data and applied a variety of methods. I have conducted linguistic experiments, worked with corpus data, primarily using the Russian National Corpus, but also such corpora as The parallel corpus of Slavic and other languages ParaSol and The Czech National Corpus. I have conducted comparative as well as diachronic studies. I use quantitative methods and use the statistical software R extensively. I am committed to publicly archiving the data and statistical code in order to increase availability of the research results, as well as secure research integrity and validity.

See also CRISTIN, ResearchGate

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Anastasia Makarova
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