Carl Flygare

Doktorand vid Institutionen för elektroteknik, Elektricitetslära

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Kort presentation

Started studying history and philosophy but change my major into energy system engineering as my interest for energy topics grew. Manage to finish a bachelor in history before graduating with a master in energy systems engineering though.

Overall I got an interest for both quantitative and qualitative analysis regarding the power grid which combines in depth details analyzes with more holistic perspectives such as technology, economy, social and environmental factors.

My project focuses on how much power is used when by what and whom. Electricity consumption, also called grid load, consists of two parts: amount of electricity used over a period of time (that is energy, [kWh]) and amount of electricity used in a certain moment (that is power, [kW]). Much is known about the former but less about the latter. With increased knowledge about power usage I strive to create different profiles in order to analyze which electricity consumers might balance other users’ power usage in addition to discuss two popular methods – (demand side) flexibility and storage – to balance the grid load.

Kontakta katalogansvarig vid den aktuella organisationen (institution eller motsv.) för att rätta ev. felaktigheter.

Carl Flygare
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