Giulia Meo

Doktorand vid Juridiska institutionen, Doktorander

018-471 2012
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Kort presentation

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I am a doctoral candidate in constitutional law since September, 2021. Within the framework of my research project, I examine the interaction between rules on state of emergency and rules on the right of access to public documents and the freedom of information in several European countries, in order to understand how democracy functions in times of crisis. I am particularly interested in transparency issues, comparative constitutional law, constitutional theory and legal philosophy.

Nyckelord: comparative constitutional law constitutional law rule of law transparency democracy freedom of information right of access to public documents state of emergency

Professional experience

  • 2019- 2021 Uppsala University, Law Department - University Lecturer in Basic Legal Method, Constitutional Law, Constitutional EU Law and Comparative Constitutional Law.
  • 2019- 2021 Uppsala University, Law Department - Research Assistant to Professor in European Union Law Carl Fredrik Bergström in the project “A Centralisation of Rulemaking in Europe?”.
  • 2019 Court of Justice of the European Union, Luxembourg - Lawyer-linguist, Directorate for Legal Translation, Swedish Unit.
  • 2018 Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden - Trainee at the Legal Secretariat.
  • 2018 Embassy of Sweden, Rome, Italy - Author of a draft report on Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law in Italy 2017-2018.
  • 2017-2018 Embassy of Sweden, Rome, Italy- Intern for political and economic affairs.

Language skills

Italian, and Swedish, bilingual. English- fluent. Spanish- research fluency.

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Giulia Meo
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