Amalia Juneström

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I am a PhD student in the Department of ALM (Archive Science, Library and Information Science, and Museology) at Uppsala University in Sweden. My research project is positioned within Information Science and focuses on different aspects of how aggressive behaviour online shape the way a society communicates information. The research is conducted within a news media context.

My background is in the disciplines of Library and Information Studies and Religious and Literary Studies. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies, a master’s degree in Literature and a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies, all from Lund University.

By investigating how online aggression is handled in various journalistic contexts, I aim to explore how antagonistic actions online shape the way a society communicates digital information. The research involves looking at human interaction, with particular reference to human interaction with technology. In order to understand how different practices of dealing with problems such as hate speech occur, I am exploring the relationship between the media and certain groups of readers/users online.

My thesis will be finished in the spring of 2022.

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Amalia Juneström
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