Malgorzata Blicharska

Universitetslektor vid Institutionen för geovetenskaper, Naturresurser och Hållbar utveckling

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Villavägen 16
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Nyckelord: climate change governance sustainable development ecosystem services biodiversity conservation policy implementation ecbiwa001 gopole004

The focus of my work in my PhD (finalized in 2011) was on implementation of biodiversity conservation policies, public participation in environmental decision making, spatial planning for biodiversity conservation and conservation conflicts.

Since then my research interest have included different aspects of linked to sustainable development of natural resources. For example, I worked with application of sustainable forest management concept, implementation of action plans for threatened species, the impacts of management and socio-economic factors on biodiversity of urban ponds, the role of religions in conservation of biodiversity and the North-South divide in science and policy.

Recent years the focus of my work has shifted towards the concept of ecosystem services: its implementation, its role in the argumentation for biodiversity conservation and its effectiveness in the policy process. I also applied ecosystem services perspective in investigating conservation conflicts, assessing cultural values in the Swedish mountains, and the application of nexus perspective in natural resources management. In addition, recently I have been working with implementation and policy context of Nature-Based Solutions, with particular focus on ponds and wetlands. Finally, some of my work concerns human dimension of recreational fisheries, including anglers' perceptions and attitudes and management approaches.

In the Department of Earth Sciences I work with numerous issues linked to sustainable development, including governance aspects and management measures in fish conservation and habitat restoration, socio-economic valuation of recreational fisheries, ecological and socio-economic assessment of ecosystem services, implementation of the ecosystem services concept and Sustainable Development Goals. Presently I am also working within a Horizon 2020 project SIM4NEXUS ( that explores interlinkages between different sectors to improve resource efficiency.

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Malgorzata Blicharska
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