Cecilia Fåhraeus

Universitetslektor (Tjänstledig) vid Kulturgeografiska institutionen

018-471 2539
Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3
621 57 Visby
Uppsala universitet, Campus Gotland
621 67 Visby
2024-02-01 - 2026-01-31

Kort presentation

Cecilia Fåhraeus is a senior lecturer and PhD in human geography. Her research interests revolve around slums and urban transformation in the global South, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, and the geography of livelihood activities among low-income communities.

She primarily teaches on the bachelor's programme in spatial planning at Campus Gotland.

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Ongoing research projects:

Developing rights-based housing in Southern Africa. (2022-2023). This project is a research and collaboration project with Swedish NGO Weeffect, funded by UU Innovation Office. It entails formulating a rights-based, evidence-based and socially sustainable housing programme for Weeffects Southern Africa Office (Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

Dealing with double disaster: The impact of natural disaster and Covid-19 on livelihoods and livelihood geographies in Palu, Indonesia. (2023). This project evaluates how the 2018 earthquake and subsequent tsunami and liquefaction in Palu have affected the livelihood strategies of low-income households in the affected region, with a particular focus on the spatial design of livelihood strategeis. Funded by SSAG and Helge Ax:on Jonssons stiftelse.

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Cecilia Fåhraeus
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