Peter Edlund

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018-471 1403
Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, ingång C
751 20 UPPSALA
Box 513
751 20 UPPSALA

Akademiska meriter: FD

I study the ways in which various relationships within and among organizations are constructed to affect change and stability throughout societal sectors. My work straddles political, economic, and sociological issues to particularly focus on the construction of relationships that create status, generate competition, and disseminate knowledge in and between public sector organizations, such as universities, nursing homes, primary care centers, and upper secondary schools. I show how these relationships spawn different – and, at times, disproportionate – flows of material and immaterial resources that may engender far-reaching consequences for actors within and among affected organizations. This research is important for scholars, policy makers, and organizational members alike because it highlights the necessity and possibility to shape and reshape relationships that can promote an equitable distribution of resources throughout contemporary society.

My teaching encompasses a wide span of topics associated with managing organizations, including strategy, leadership, and communication. I have held course director roles on several occasions, and my experience of student supervision ranges from undergraduate theses in marketing and innovation, to graduate theses in auditing and finance.

Please refer to my curriculum vitae for further details.

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Peter Edlund
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