Peter Edlund

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018-471 1403
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751 20 UPPSALA

Akademiska meriter: FD

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher, financed by the Handelsbanken Foundation. My research builds on three classical concepts that describe key aspects of social life: status, competition, and organization. I have primarily worked with qualitative approaches to the organization of competition for status among scientists and universities. But, during the past few years, I have also expanded my research into new empirical contexts, including eldercare and upper secondary education, and into new methodological areas, such as econometric and social network analyses. My work has been published through books and journals, and I have presented papers at international seminars, workshops, and conferences. This is research that has been supported with multiple grants, and featured in several media outlets.

In tandem, I have been actively involved as a teacher on the Bachelor and Master levels. My main teaching activities encompass lectures, seminars, and workshops in management and organization courses. I have also been assigned course director roles on several occasions, and my experience of student supervision spans from undergraduate theses in marketing to graduate theses in accounting and finance.

During spring 2022, I am a visiting postdoctoral researcher at SciencesPo in Paris.

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Peter Edlund
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