Peter Edlund

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I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in organization theory, financed by the Handelsbanken Foundation. Throughout my ongoing research activities, I analyze how various relationships within and among organizations are constructed to affect change and stability in social life. These analyses straddle political, economic, and sociological issues to center on the structuring of relationships that create status and competition as well as on the configuring of relationships through which knowledge and ignorance is disseminated. Mixing qualitative and quantitative methods, and collaborating with Swedish and European colleagues, I show how relationships featuring different, and, at times, disproportionate, flows of material and immaterial resources can generate far-reaching consequences for actors in and around organizations. This research is important for scholars, policy makers, and organizational members alike, and it highlights the urgency of understanding how relationships may be formed and reformed in ways that help promote equitable resource distributions throughout social life. I have presented findings at international seminars, workshops, and conferences; published papers through renowned journals and presses; and received grants from various funders.

My teaching activities encompass lectures, seminars, and workshops in leadership, management, and organization theory courses at various levels of Swedish higher education. I have been assigned course director roles on several occasions, and my experience of student supervision spans from undergraduate theses in marketing and accounting to graduate theses in strategy and finance.

During spring 2022, I was a visiting postdoctoral researcher at the Center for the Sociology of Organizations, SciencesPo.

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Peter Edlund
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