Henrik Lodén

Forskare vid Institutionen för farmaceutisk biovetenskap, Forskning; Avbildande masspektrometri

Husargatan 3
Box 591
751 24 UPPSALA

Kort presentation

Analytical chemist with many years of experience of analysis of drugs and endogenous compounds within academia, private companies and government agency. Enjoys collaborations as well as running my own projects.

Nyckelord: mass spectrometry imaging (msi) maldi desi tissue preparation cryosectioning statistical evaluation

PhD in Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Uppsala University (2008). Have been employed as an analytical chemist for different CRO companies and the Swedish Medical Products Agency before rejoining the group in 2020 (was also a part of the group between 2012-2014).

Main research interest is utilization of MSI for exploratory work, aiming to identify underlying factors behind medical conditions. Also enjoys development projects aiming to increase the versatility of MALDI through derivatization of compounds with low inherent ionization. Internal and external collaboration projects are challenging, but fun!

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Henrik Lodén
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