Ida-Maria Sintorn

Professor vid Institutionen för informationsteknologi, Vi3; Bildanalys

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Box 337
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Kort presentation

Professor in Computerized image processing, at the Vi3: image analysis division, Department of Information Technology.

Akademiska meriter:, Docent

Nyckelord: electron microscopy machine learning deep learning image processing maskininlärning artifical intelligence ai

Ida-Maria shares her time between a position as Professor in Computerized image processing at the Vi3 division, Dept. IT, Uppsala University and as CTO at Vironova AB, a biotechnology company offering services and instruments for image based nano-sized particle characterization. She obtained her PhD in computerized image analysis in 2005 from the Centre for Image Analysis, Swedish University of Agricultural Science. She has since then gained industrial as well as academic experience in a variety of image analysis applications working as image analyst at the Mathematical and Information Sciences department of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Sydney, Australia, as Head of R&D at Vironova AB, and as researcher at both Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

My main area of research and expertise is image analysis focused towards applications in drug development, cellular, virus and nano-sized particle analysis in fluorescence and electron microscopy images.

My theoretical interests are automated microscopy (multi-scale feed back loops steering acqusition), deep learning, feature descriptors (image registration and stiching) and texture analysis (filter banks and local binary patterns)

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Ida-Maria Sintorn
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