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Elin Bjarnegård är docent i statskunskap och universitetslektor inom utvecklingsstudier vid statsvetenskapliga institutionen vid Uppsala universitet. Hon är också affilierad till institutionen för freds- och konfliktforskning. Elins forsknings- och undervisningsintressen är främst inom jämförande politik med ett särskilt fokus på genusfrågor.

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I am an Associate Professor in Political Science and a Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at the Department Government at Uppsala University. I am also affiliated to the Department of Peace and Conflict Research. My research and teaching interests span the field of comparative politics with a particular focus on gender; including the impact of parties, electoral laws, and networks on political recruitment, the role of informal institutions in politics, the explicit gendering of men and masculinities, the adoption of gender equality policies, and the attitudes to and dynamics of violence during conflict. I am presently involved in three different research projects using different types of methods and with empirical foci ranging from large and medium-n analyses to case studies of Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.


I am a Senior Lecturer in Political Science with a focus on Development Studies. I have taught in courses like Development Policy in Practice, Gender, Power, and Institutions and Gender and Economic Development. I have a long experience of teaching methodology courses. I supervise both undergraduate and graduate students.


I earned my doctorate in 2010 and my dissertation was entitled Men in Politics. Revisiting Patterns of Gendered Parliamentary Representation in Thailand and Beyond. The dissertation explores how male parliamentary dominance is maintained by investigating the role clientelist networks play in electoral politics in Thailand.

My most recent publications include (2019) "How is Political Violence Gendered? Disentangling Motives, Forms and Impacts" (with Gabrielle Bardall and Jennifer Piscopo) in Political Studies, "Violent boyhoods, masculine honor ideology, and political violence: Survey findings from Thailand" (with Karen Brounéus and Erik Melander) in Journal of Interpersonal Violence, (2018) "Men's Political Representation" in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Politics, and (2017) "Political parties, formal selection criteria, and gendered parliamentary representation" (with Pär Zetterberg) in Party Politics. My book Gender, Informal Institutions and Political Recruitment. Understanding Male Dominance in Parliamentary Representation was published in 2013 (and in paperback 2015) with Palgrave Macmillan).

I was a core group member of the East Asian Peace Program at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University. I co-edited the book Debating the East Asian Peace. What it is. How it Came About. Will it last? with Joakim Kreutz. I have also been affiliated to the interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies at Uppsala University in Sweden. I have been a visiting scholar at the Electoral Integrity Project at the University of Sydney, Australia (2014), the New School for Social Research in New York City, USA (2007), and to Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand (2006).

I am co-editing the book series Feminist Institutionalist Perspectives at Rowman & Littlefield.

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Elin Bjarnegård
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